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I am a literate roleplayer and roleplay in paragraph style.
I will roleplay with anyone.
Warning: Please understand that I rp Red as having Selective Mutism. If you do not know what that is than please read my profile. I understand that it might cause problems and if you are having trouble replying to me please let me know and I will do my best to fix it.
Feel free to contact me to work out a plot. I love plot-based roleplays.
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Lucario nuzzles Tyson apologetically. The aura Pokémon’s experience came from his former trainer. Before he’d ended up in Tyson’s care he’d been trying to return to his former trainer who’d released him then turned and walked away without hesitation. Lucario had assumed it had been a mistake and tried to follow after him, to no avail. After a few weeks alone anons had come and told him that if he got in a Pokeball they’d take him to a new trainer. Lucario had agreed eagerly and been given to Tyson. Lucario was fond of the former soldier, even if his initial reaction to him had been to yelp, hide, then return Lucario to his Pokeball. From what he’d discussed with Tyson’s other Pokemon, they had similar stories, aside from Poochyena who had been wild.

Tyson smiled fondly at Pikachu, his behaviour reminded him of Bobby. The over eager Dalmatian would spend hours on end trying to get Tyson to play fetch or go on walks. Aside from his midnight attempts Tyson nearly always agreed. He kept his dogs to a military standard but Bobby was still a puppy and playing was important to help him develop. There were activities that Tyson wouldn’t let him do, playing in the drinking fountain or pester the people in the apartment above him, but for the most part he was given a long leash and told to ‘have at’.

Tyson glanced down at Lucario and smiled softly. He reached back down into his bag and took out a tennis ball. He threw it up in the air for Lucario then began putting them items that had been in his bag back in as best he could. Tyson had a form of low level OCD which meant he had to put them back in a particular order.

Lucario gave a cheerful cry then went back over to Pikachu with the yellow ball in paw. Tyson’s know many creatures, but a universal truth was that you would get any of them to play with a brightly coloured ball.

The yellow rodent’s head tipped back to eye Tyson when he felt the older man looking at him, his tail wagging slightly at the small show of attention from the rather stranger man. His eyes followed Tyson’s motions when he reached down into his seemingly magically bag, at least in the eyes of the rodent, as all bags impressed him due to the fact that he couldn’t carry one. A bright ball was taken from it, grabbing the full attention of the Pikachu. His large eyes widened, attempting to take in the sight of the strange object, mesmerized by it. His eyes followed the ball into the air, not knowing what to make of the object.

His interest only picked up when Lucario came over to him with the bright object. His little nose twitched in a curious manner, trying to place some sort of sent to the ball. He quickly gave up, wanting nothing more than to play with the object himself. He waddled up to the other Pokemon, staring at the ball for a moment before poking it. Satisfied with the fact that nothing happened, he pulled the ball from Lucario and crawled back over to Red, dropping the object on his master’s foot. Doing so was the best way to get Red’s attention, as he spaced out rather often due to how much he tended to worry.

Crimson eyes glanced down at the object, glancing over to Tyson briefly before he picked it up. Honestly Tyson had some strange objects on him, at least in the mind of the rave-haired teen. Then again, coming from a small town and being poor, Red didn’t have many luxuries in his life and that included simple objects such as tennis balls. Heck, finding a stick used to make his day as a child. He clearly didn’t have many standards for the ‘toys’ that he had played with as a child.

A high and impatient squeak ripped him from his thoughts, eyes moving back o the Pikachu waiting at his feet. He glared at the creature for a moment, scolding him for taking away what Lucario had been given to play with. He then turned the ball around in his hand for a moment to inspect it before pulling his arm back quickly. With his and held up high, he hurled the ball into the air and across the field in a quick motion. The small rodent let out a happy cry before he raced off in order to capture the object. The small rodent had never played such a game before, but it seemed simple enough and forced him to involve his trainer, of whom he seemed to enjoy making uncomfortable.

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Ah, Touya couldn’t help but wonder what kind of things Red had heard about Unova before. Hopefully good things, after all his home region was a good place! They had so many things to offer, even if it was especially busy compared to the quieter regions like Kanto. The boy had visited the region’s bigger cities already; especially Saffron City after hearing quite a bit about it. However it was a let down when he thought of Castelia City. There were no skyscraper, no real industrial district or anything of that sort! Sure, they had a few tall buildings, but they weren’t anything special to someone used to the hectical life of Unova.

“If you don’t mind me asking, what did you hear so far?” he asked shyly, regarding Red with a look that resembled an eager puppy waiting for a treat. All wondering didn’t help if he couldn’t end the growing stream of question that welled up inside him! “Do you plan on visiting Unova some day? I- I can assure you that it’s worth a journey, really!”


Noticing that he might be overdoing it, Touya shyly lowered his gaze and cleared his throat. “S-sorry… It’s just, whenever I hear about home, I get somewhat excited…” he explained sheepishly, laughing quietly in the back of his throat. “Maybe that’s what people call homesickness, eh?”

Unova…or at least of what the raven-haired teen had heard about it, made Kanto look like a speck on the ever-growing map of the world that they lived in. Kanto had never been known for having impressive cities, but, to Red, they seemed to be larger than life. The thought of what Unova must be like always frightened him in some odd way, though his lack of ability to socialize didn’t help that matter. He could barely handle the larger cities in the Kanto region, much to his Pikachu’s dismay, without the dreadful feeling of panic overtaking his rather easily overwhelmed mind. Even the very concept that there were cities larger than Saffron seemed like some sort of terrible joke to the boy, made only to make him feel sick to his stomach at the concept.

Clearly, he couldn’t exactly outright say such things to the cheerful brunet in order to answer the question that he had been asked. For one thing, the amount of words that he would need to express such a feeling were far too many and he highly doubted that his voice would last past the first sentence or two. It was sad really, no wonder he was never surprised when trainers were disappointed upon meeting him. The media spoke of him like a legend when, in reality, he was an awkward teenager who fled at even the sound of a conversation being started.

“…That’s it’s…big.” Good job, that was a grade A response. Sometimes, he could honestly kick himself for what he said sometimes and would have strongly considered doing so if he didn’t know that a certain yellow rodent would fry him if he turned tail now. According to the Pokemon, this type of interaction with others was healthy and, while Red would have begged to differ, he also wasn’t rude enough to simply walk away. He had nothing against Touya it was more so the fear that he was causing the other more trouble than he was worth that made him want to flee.

He nodded his head once in reply to the boy’s second question. “Some day” happened to be the keywords in the other’s statement, as he wanted to travel to the regions that he had yet to set foot upon in order to see newly discovered Pokemon that he would not be able to see in Kanto. He however, had to work up the courage to travel to the rather populated region before he could even begin to prepare himself to do so.

“It’s…fine.” He smiled gently in response, though it came out as an awkward twitch of his lips rather than what he had been intending and the small chuckle that escaped his Pikachu’s mouth displayed that fact. He could understand the feeling of being homesick well, as he often looked back to Mount Silver longingly, but even when he had fled to the mountain he had missed Pallet Town. He nodded his head once again, to show that he understood.

“…What is it…like for…you?” It was a rather sad attempt for conversation and could have easily been confused with their previous topic, despite the fact that he was aiming to ask the boy about what he thought of his home region or what Unova was like in the eyes of someone who had been there.

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( I hope you have a great one, as well! c: ) The brunette smiled warmly at Red, nodding her head. "You are oh-so very welcome." She said, her eyes shifting over to the chubby rodent. The girl watched as Pikachu opened his gift, revealing two small items. One was a Light Orb, and the other was a bracelet, with a Pichu charm, Pikachu charm, and Raichu Charm attached to it. "I hope this is alright -- I did not know what to get you two. . ." The brunette said, looking down at the pikachu. "Hm?"

The Pokemon called out happily as he opened the gift, taking the light orb in his little paws and the bracelet in his mouth in order to take the items to Red to show his trainer. He placed them into Red’s hands, wagging his tail happily before moving back towards the girl. The raven-haired teen smiled gently at the two gifts, it has been very thoughtful of her. He shook his head lightly, attempting to tell her that it was more than all right. The idea was kind and it meant a lot to him.

Pikachu squeaked gently when she looked down at him, holding up the small gift that he had taken out of Red’s back. It wasn’t much, but it was all that he could offer the girl on such short notice. Red wished that he had something more to offer her than the apple (of which had been intended for the Pikachu) and the small cat necklace (a gag gift also intended for the Pikachu) that were inside of the small package that the rodent was holding up to her. 

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